People often ask me what I do

Every person's lifetime is a story waiting to be recorded.  Your lifetime has many unwritten stories that aren't told just by what you look like.

 Your story is unique to you.  Say perhaps, how you met the love of your life while getting your daily double double at your favorite coffee shop.  And how each time you pass by that spot you are reminded of that wonderful chance encounter that changed your life forever and your heart skips a beat at the memory of that day. 

Or the oh so hectic years of having kids at home.  These noisy, fast paced times may have you questioning your sanity in the moment but you know in your heart that sooner than you want, your home will grow quieter again and time will hush the shrieks of laughter and playful squabbles.  And so when ever you get the chance, you pull your kids in a little bit tighter, hold them a little bit closer and for that brief moment, you try to etch that feeling in your memory and hold time in your hand.

Now imagine a beautiful, handcrafted portrait hanging in your home, that you are able to view  everyday, that will bring those special moments back to life in your heart each and every time.

So many wordless stories can be shared in a luxury, custom photography experience.  When preserved by artisan photography your most beloved moments can be kept and proudly displayed, to be handed down to the next generation and beyond.

This is what I do, and I would love to do it for you.