How it works

Let's Chat

Give me a call and we'll find a good time to sit down together and discuss how we can create the images you desire.  We will guide you through all the options, finding the right solutions for you and go over all the details with you.  When you're ready to start the process with us we will collect the session fee and then the session process begins.  Don't worry, I know it can be daunting but I will be there to help you all along the way.  You can reach me at 204.467.1907 or by email at

Portrait Planning Session

The first step of your portrait photography experience with Photography by Carmen begins with a complimentary portrait planning session. This is our opportunity to customize and plan together every detail of your photography session. We will discuss the dynamics of your family and the people we are going to photograph so I can get to know them through your eyes and understand how to help them relax and photograph them to their best advantage. We will look at the different styles of photography and the appropriate clothing for your chosen style. We will also plan the best way to decorate your home with personalized portrait wall art. We have different portrait finishes and photography collections which are designed with you and your home in mind. Once you have had your portrait planning session you will be fully prepared for your photography session and have an understanding of the investment involved.

Photography Session

With the planning session now behind us, I will have a full understanding of your goals for your portrait session. With this in mind we will set about capturing portrait images that truly reflect you and your family. I will help you and your children relax in my comfortable, modern photography studio or outdoor location and encourage you to express yourselves. As an award winning portrait photographer, I have a thorough understanding of how to make you look your best.

Portrait Ordering Session

A week or two after your portrait session you will return for your ordering appointment. In the state of the art viewing gallery in our studio you will see your ideas from the planning session come alive. We carefully edit and prepare the best images and guide you through the artist suggestions.  I understand that visualizing how your portraits will look in your home can be difficult so we have an awesome tool that will show you your portraits to size on the walls of your own home.  Be sure to ask me about My Room View and how easy it is.

Completed Portraits

Once your order is placed I will enhance and process each of your images by hand before sending them to be printed. Depending upon what you choose your fully finished portraits are ready to collect in 4 - 8 weeks after your ordering appointment.   I will notify you as soon as the order is ready to arrange for pick up or delivery.  If you require assistance with hanging your portraits I would be happy to help, just talk with me about it.