Carmen Matthews MPA. F.Ph.

Hi there, I am Carmen Matthews, a photographic portrait artist, a rancher's wife that gave up the hustle and bustle of the city for the beauty and calm of rural living, oh and a coffee addict!  Yes I am admitting it publicly I absolutely love good coffee, and if you're in the area you should know you can always pop in for a cup!  For me, many memories and life experiences are associated with this warm, satisfying, intoxicating brew.  Friendships have been made and reconnected, problems have been solved, business has been done, happy news has been announced,  troubles have been shared, bad jokes have been told and well, you get the picture! ( pun intended )

Other things you may not know about me... and may not want decide!

  • I am a longtime fan of Coronation Street{when not drinking coffee I am into really good Twinings earl grey tea in my Corrie mug}, Jane Austin and British tele!
  • I like murder mystery and crime drama in books, movies and tv, always trying to solve it before anyone else does.
  • Although not a camper, my husband and I are planning to do some traveling by 5th wheel to see if we might someday be snowbirds.
  • I pretend I can decorate like the pros on the DIY channels and lately have been painting just about anything I can get my hands on.
  • I wish I could cook like Jamie Oliver and keep husband is still alive so I think I am doing ok.
  • I have rediscovered my love of sewing by way of quilting...this is addictive.
  • Like most everyone I am always trying to eat healthier and exercise more.
  • I know enough German to carry on a reasonable conversation, a teeny, tiny bit of Greek...enough to be polite and I remember just enough French from high school to get me into trouble!

Now for the business part of me.

  • Over 36 years of photographic experience 
  • Achieved the Honour of Third Bar to the Master of Photographic Arts award from the Professional Photographers of Canada
  • Awarded the Honour of Fellowship of Photography from the Professional Photographers of
  • Canada-Manitoba.
  • Has won numerous awards for her photographic images including the unprecedented distinction of Manitoba Photographer of the Year four years in a row, and Best Child Portrait in Canada and most recently Best Group Portrait in Canada 2016.
  • Carmen's images have been exhibited locally, nationally as well as internationally and are on permanent loan to the Professional Photographers of Canada and America.
  • Long time member of both the Professional Photographers of Canada and Manitoba.